• Art Lessons

    Special courses for kids, teenagers and adults in pencil and charcoal / pastel / Watercolor / Gouache / oil painting... Experience your favorite themes : Still life / Figures / portrait / landscape / horses / Flowers / Free style painting / perspective ...
  • Morning classes

    Morning classes for ladies every Thursday and Friday : Discover the hidden artist in you, sign your own canvas, experience your creativity. Simply, enjoy Fine Arts from A to Z.
  • Courses for kids

    Starting from 5 years old : In the past two years, through forms and colors, our students conveyed subjects derived from their everyday life like Back to School, Luna Park, and Trip in the Nature with the Family, Special Occasions like Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day etc...
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A few words about Ayp to Zed

  • Our students
  • Our divisions
  • Our exhibitions

There is a huge army of amateurs who would love to enhance their artistic skills. But they never took the initialed step… OUR STUDENTS DID!


Various artistic themes

They have shown a real interest in learning various artistic themes.


Unlimited Imagination

Beside the academic education, they have experienced unlimited imagination, self confidence, persistence, hard work and courage.


Coming days & years

They will have their say in the coming days and years.



Ayp to Zed Art Academy is organized into four divisions according to age: we have the preschool section from ages 5 to 8; we have children’s class from ages 9 to 10, the teens’ class from 11 to 14 and the adults from 15 and above.


Graduates of 2011

After five years of hard work, Ayp to Zed art academy was proud to introduce in 2011 its first group of Graduates, who completed their four years full program.


More than 45 woman

At present, more than 45 women with family responsibilities attend the academy and show great interest and passion for the classes. They consider their once a week the three hours session a means of therapy – art therapy.


Next Graduates

Twelve students participated in the 2013 exhibition “STEPS FOR TOMORROW” as "Next Graduates" who attented more than three years of our Adult Group's program.


Graduates of 2013

Twelve students participated this year as "Graduates of 2013" who completed our four years full program. They are real artists and we believe that they are ready for "TOMORROW"!


We present every year a new exhibition that includes many beautiful works of art. In a country still facing many difficulties, we try to make people feel good when goodness has become a rare commodity.


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